Prenuptial agreements: Good ideas for every marriage

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2020 | Prenuptial Agreements

Although no couple ties the knot with an eventual separation in mind, nearly half of all marriages in Virginia and across the country end in divorce. These days, it is recommended that all couples consider prenuptial agreements before getting marriage. Understandably, nothing puts a damper on a budding relationship quite like discussing a breakup. However, there are a multitude of reasons why a prenup should be considered in every marriage.

First off, it’s important to realize that a marriage is not just a commitment of love, it’s also an agreement to take on the financial obligations of another person. Marriages are basically contractual agreements, and would any person ever want to sign a contract on blind faith alone? Of course not. Think of a prenuptial agreement as a protective agreement that stipulates how assets will be distributed in the event of a divorce.

It’s common knowledge that money is a big source of stress in most relationships. A prenup can definitely help ease some of the financial tension in a marriage. However, not every couple wants a prenuptial agreement. For those couples who forego a prenup, make sure to gain an understanding of the laws in the state of residence.

Without question, a divorce is one of life’s most difficult events. However, the experience can be even more difficult without the protection of a prenup. Prenuptial agreements can ensure that a divorce goes smoothly while also minimizing the emotional reactions that often accompany a marital breakup. Those in Virginia who have questions pertaining to prenuptial agreements can obtain clarity by consulting with a knowledgeable and seasoned legal representative.