Helping a friend get through a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2020 | Divorce

According to some statistics, nearly half of all marriages in Virginia and across the United States end in a split. For some, divorce can be freeing and a chance to begin a new life. For the majority of people, however, divorce is painful both emotionally and psychologically. Those who go through a marital breakup often lean on close friends and family for support. Here’s how to provide support to a friend who is going through a divorce.

It is not uncommon for a newly divorced person to isolate him or herself. Anyone who has gone through an emotional breakup usually needs some time alone at home for privacy and comfort. However, human interaction is important, and this sort of isolation can be unhealthy if it goes on for too long. Support a newly divorced friend by encouraging interaction. Cook a meal and bring it over to them, or just visit to let the person clear his or her mind.

While it may be true that divorce was the best course of action, it doesn’t mean that the person is ready for the marriage to be over. The person had built an entire life with their spouse, which may have included a home, kids and fond memories. Make sure to give a newly divorced person time to grieve and allow the friend time to process the experience.

Ending a marriage is never easy and can be a confusing situation indeed. Those in Virginia who have questions regarding divorce may want to consider speaking with a legal representative. An experienced knowledgeable attorney can answer difficult questions and help individuals navigate through this challenging event.