A few common mistakes to avoid amid an emotional divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2020 | Divorce

Matrimony often means experiencing wonderful emotions such as love, happiness and joy. Divorce also means experiencing powerful emotions, albeit on the other end of the spectrum. Making illogical and emotional decisions in the midst of a volatile breakup can lead to a whole host of mistakes that could have long-lasting and far-reaching impacts. Here are a few mistakes those in Virginia may want to watch out for when going through an emotionally taxing divorce.

Don’t listen to the wrong people. While it’s perfectly normal, and sometimes helpful, to seek a support network amid a divorce, exercise caution. Friends and family usually mean well, but venting to the wrong person, or giving precedence to the wrong advice can be disastrous. Instead, only seek advice from attorneys or therapists. These professionals are trained to help and are far enough removed from the situation to make non-emotional and rational decisions.

Don’t lose sight of what is important. The most important part of a marital breakup is the well-being and emotional health of the family, especially when children are involved. Divorce litigation can be tumultuous to say the least, so shelter children from this emotional turmoil as much as possible. Those without children should guard themselves. Consulting therapists or religious leaders can also be helpful.

Obtaining the appropriate legal assistance is critical during this time. One may not want to hire an attorney simply because he or she is inexpensive or a friend. Virginia residents who are going through a divorce or contemplating a marital breakup should consider an experienced attorney who not only knows the law but will account for an individual’s future best interests at all times.