The way a couple talks about prenuptial agreements matters

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2021 | Prenuptial Agreements

It can be difficult to bring up the possibility of a future divorce before even walking down the aisle. No Virginia couple wants to discuss their financial concerns if the marriage ends at some point, and for this reason, many avoid drafting prenuptial agreements. Many couples will benefit from the protections provided by this type of marital contract, and it may help to reframe the conversation on this topic by using a different term for a prenup. 

Discussing the future 

A prenuptial agreement can be a source of contention between the two partners. It can feel awkward and uncomfortable to discuss the possibility of divorce, and a prenup may have a negative perception. Instead, a couple may simply want to call it something else. For example, calling it an insurance plan may help the two parties think differently about the benefits of this type of contract.  

Having a prenuptial agreement does not mean the couple assumes the marriage will end. It is simply an insurance policy in case the unexpected happens. It allows both parties to outline how they will divide marital property, divide debt and even handle spousal support. It can provide peace of mind for a Virginia couple preparing to marry. 

A strong contract 

A prenuptial agreement is a legally binding contract. This means it should be properly drafted with due consideration given to the terms used. It will help to work with an experienced family law attorney in order to ensure that the contract is strong enough to withstand potential scrutiny in the future.