How can parents reach a fair and reasonable custody agreement?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2022 | Child Custody

Child custody can be one of the most difficult and complex issues parents will have to address during their divorce. It is easy to allow the temporary feelings that often accompany a divorce to drive important decisions that can affect the kids. This can lead to choices that do not make sense long-term. One way for Virginia parents to avoid this possibility is to intentionally pursue a child-focused divorce. 

What is a child-focused divorce? 

A child-focused divorce will result in terms that are more likely to provide stability and security for the children long-term. One way to accomplish this is by staying out of the courtroom and focusing on reaching reasonable terms through negotiations and discussions. Another important step in a child-centered divorce is to focus on the relationship with the child instead of the desire to get revenge or prove a point to the other parent. 

It is also helpful to make smart decisions while not intentionally delaying the divorce process. Each divorce-related decision should get careful consideration, but unnecessary delays can be stressful and costly. Parents should focus on recovery and the long-term emotional well-being of their children. 

A helpful perspective 

A child-focused divorce will possibly ease tensions and lead to a better, more sustainable outcome to a divorce. Parents who are considering custody and visitation terms may benefit from working with an experienced Virginia family law attorney as they move forward. It is possible to both protect the best interests of the kids while seeking terms that shield parental rights as well.