Career changes may influence divorce in different ways

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce is a significant event that will change every area of life. Even after the process is final, changes may continue to come in the form of financial adjustments and career paths. In some cases, career changes can affect divorce proceedings or current divorce settlements. It’s crucial to navigate these possible changes with the goal of seeking final terms that allow for stability and security long-term. 

Job changes and divorce changes 

Any change in one’s compensation can alter the course of divorce proceedings. For example, if a Virginia spouse moves to a job that pays less than his or her previous job, it could reduce support obligations. Depending on the individual situation, year-end bonuses and additional compensation may be considered income, and it could also be taken into consideration by the court when determining child or spousal support. 

If a career change that significantly impacts compensation occurs after divorce, it may result in the need to seek a modification to orders. Earning less money may mean the supporting spouse will need to change current obligations to his or her former spouse. This may also be the case when retiring or experiencing other types of significant financial changes. 

Securing long-term interests 

A Virginia spouse may benefit from the knowledgeable guidance of an experienced family law attorney when navigating these potentially complex matters. If career changes will affect divorce proceedings or current orders, it is beneficial to pursue terms that will make the most sense long-term. An assessment of the individual situation can help one see what options are available.