A realistic view of the financial implications of divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2022 | Divorce

Couples facing the prospect of ending their marriages also face the prospect of significant financial changes in their lives. Divorce will make it necessary for a spouse to adjust for post-divorce life, and it is of critical importance to seek terms that allow for stability and security long-term. Before agreeing to certain terms or making any decisions, it may be helpful to do the appropriate research and understand the potential financial implications of divorce 

Getting the right information 

Preparing for the potential financial implications of divorce is important. One of the ways a spouse can do this is by asking the right questions, gathering as much financial information as possible and consider the potential impact of the following: 

  • If the couple cannot decide how to divide their marital property, the court will determine how to do this according to state laws. 
  • One spouse may have to make payments to the other to offset the economic inequity brought by divorce, called alimony or spousal support payments. 
  • Divorce requires the division of long-term savings accounts, including retirement savings, pensions and more. 

The overall impact and cost of a divorce depends on the details of the individual situation. A spouse would be wise to consider short and long-term implications when making important decisions. 

Fighting for the future 

There is a lot at stake during a divorce. A spouse seeking fair terms in a financial settlement will find it helpful to work with an experienced attorney to fight for the best possible post-divorce future. An assessment of the individual case will help one understand what options are available to him or her.