Celebrity expresses regret over failure to get prenup

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Prenuptial Agreements

While most people do not go into marriage assuming it will end at some point in the future, many in Virginia find it prudent to plan for this contingency. Divorce can be costly and stressful, and having a prenuptial agreement in place can make this process simpler, reducing the chance of a lengthy legal battle. One reality television star who is going through a divorce recently expressed regret over not having a prenuptial agreement drafted before she married her now estranged husband.

The benefits of a prenup

A prenup is a contract that outlines how a couple will divide marital assets in the event of a divorce. It can specify which spouse will get which assets, and it also allows a couple to address the issue of spousal support. Kenya Moore, a reality television celebrity, did not have a prenup before she married, and she is afraid her divorce will become a lengthy fight over money and assets.

Moore says that she believes she will be able to keep her home as it was something she purchased before she married. However, anything bought or accumulated after their marriage is likely subject to equitable division between the spouses. Moore says that her estranged spouse is financially independent and should have no need to pursue her assets.

Avoiding a legal fight

One of the main benefits of a prenup is that it eliminates the need for spouses to fight over property during a divorce. Having a prenup is not assuming the marriage will fail, but it is simply a way to obtain security for the future. Like Kenya Moore, Virginia spouses may regret not having a prenup drafted before they walk down the aisle.