The emotional stages one may experience during divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2023 | Divorce

The end of a marriage is a difficult and emotional process, and it is normal for a Virginia spouse to experience strong feelings at every step. However, these emotions should not drive decision-making as temporary emotions are rarely good indicators of what choices will truly be best long term. Even if the two parties resolve to be amicable and avoid contention as they navigate divorce, it is normal to experience different emotional stages throughout the process.

Strong feelings are normal

It is completely normal to experience both psychological and emotional effects while navigating the divorce process. Every person is different, and each divorce is unique, but it is common for a spouse to experience the following while walking through this process:

  • Anger – Usually the first stage of divorce, many spouses experience frustration or disappointment over their circumstances.
  • Compromise – After anger, a spouse may reach a point where he or she is willing to make concessions or compromise on certain issues.
  • Depression – Many spouses experience feelings of sadness, coupled with grief or loneliness, or they may go through depression.
  • Acceptance – The final stage of divorce, this is the point during which a spouse may come to terms with that has happened.

Each person is different, and the emotions he or she may experience can depend on numerous factors that are unique to the situation.

Separating emotions from reality

Letting emotions be the motivation behind certain divorce decisions is never wise. A Virginia spouse will benefit from seeking the guidance of an experienced attorney who can help him or her separate emotions from reality. Making decisions based on feelings could lead to poor decisions and unsustainable results.