Legal Help For Those Facing Protective Orders

Last updated on November 2, 2022

Attorney Mariam Ebrahimi is devoted to defending the rights of individuals facing protective orders. Having a protective order against you can have serious and life lasting ramifications. Protective Orders can carry severe penalties and affect your freedom and rights, and a violation of it could result in criminal charges.

It is essential to have the right attorney to represent you, one you trust and can depend on. No matter how serious a client’s charges may be, Mariam will always represent her clients to the utmost of her abilities to ensure they are protected and well served.

Protective Orders In Virginia

Protective Orders arise from charges of family abuse and can have both relational and criminal implications. Protective orders are granted for allegations of family abuse. Family abuse is considered any violent act against a family member, spouse, ex-partner, child, or any other individual you have a “family” relationship with. The facts underlying a request for a protective order often results in criminal charges being brought. Domestic violence is a very serious crime that carries harsh penalties.

Unfortunately, many domestic violence charges are based on “he-said, she-said” arguments. A spouse may be frustrated in the divorce or child custody process, prompting them to throw false allegations at the other.

All the more reasons you need an aggressive and seasoned attorney to represent you. Mariam has been defending clients against protective order charges for nearly 22 years, and she is well versed and experienced in dealing with domestic violence issues.

Typically, domestic violence charges result in the following:

  • Loss of child custody or visitation rights
  • Loss of a home, and/or a car
  • Continued payment of mortgage and other expenses for the alleged victim
  • No contact orders
  • protective order
  • loss of the right to possess a gun

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