Experienced Guidance For Immigration Law

At the Law Offices Of Mariam Ebrahimi PLLC, we realize that immigration matters can be complex and intimidating. We offer legal counsel for all aspects of U.S. immigration law, from visa and green card applications to advocacy in legal proceedings.

Ms. Ebrahimi has practiced law for nearly 22 years in Loudoun County and northern Virginia. She is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and has appeared before the Arlington Immigration Court in numerous removal cases.

We Handle All Immigration Matters

Our immigration practice covers the spectrum of immigration law. We advise foreign nationals from all over the world, as well as U.S. citizens, permanent residents and employers who are sponsoring individuals to come to America.

  • Employment-based immigration – We have experience with every category of EB immigrant visas (green cards) for employment or investment, including jobs requiring labor certification.
  • Nonimmigrant visas – We help people obtain temporary visas to visit, attend school or conduct business in the United States.
  • Family-based immigration – We help citizens and green card holders secure visas for their family members, including spouses, fiancees, children and other relatives.
  • Citizenship – We help immigrants clear obstacles to become naturalized American citizens.
  • Removal proceedings – We provide a vigorous defense to people who face being deported because of immigration violations or criminal convictions.

When Immigration And Family Law Overlap

Ms. Ebrahimi is well known for her skilled and compassionate work in family law. For many of her clients, family matters intersect with immigration matters. For example, it may be prudent for a U.S. citizen who is sponsoring a foreign spouse to create a prenuptial agreement. Or when immigrants get divorced, there may be implications for immigration status. Domestic violence charges and other criminal convictions may constitute deportable offenses.

Where these issues overlap, our attorney is well-equipped to protect your rights and interests.

The Law Offices Of Mariam Ebrahimi PLLC provides immigration services in northern Virginia and Maryland. Call 571-418-0324 or contact us online to arrange a confidential consultation.