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No parent wants to fight for the right to visit or take care of his or her children. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens in some divorces in Virginia courts. A custody hearing can be long and drawn out, although it doesn’t need to be, and will ultimately have an enormous effect on a child’s relationship with his or her parents.

When entering into a custody battle in Fairfax and Loudoun courts, these tips will help you avoid the common mistakes that can keep you from seeing your children or having custody. They may seem like common sense, but in the courtroom it is easy to let emotions take over, so take the time to remind yourself:

  • Behavior is key. The court will observe intently the way you handle yourself. Try to remain civil and courteous with the other parent, even when it is difficult. Yelling or lashing out with negative remarks will not gain you favor and can hinder your case. Pay attention to your behavior around your child, too. Divorce is a confusing time for children. By putting the other parent down, you create unnecessary emotional disturbance for them which the court tends to look down upon.
  • Cooperate. Closing yourself off or refusing to discuss your child’s needs will show the court you are unwilling to cooperate. Remember, the court is looking for the best placement for the child. Be open to discussing arrangements for the child’s school, extracurricular, and other activities. Anything you can do to prove you are putting your child’s best interest first is positive and could help your case.
  • Be proactive. Do not assume the other parent is going to take care of anything. Take notes, communicate with your custody lawyer, and stay informed. Even if you think you have a good relationship and don’t expect a divorce to turn ugly, there’s always the possibility that it could. By staying on top of the events as they occur, you are more prepared to handle situations as they arise, and you won’t be caught off guard.

Of course, having the right divorce attorney is crucial to the success of the results of each custody hearing, and an attorney should be involved in your case as early as possible. If you’re in need of a knowledgeable divorce attorney in Virginia courts of Fairfax and Loudoun counties, contact Mariam Ebrahimi, Esq. today for more information.

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