Getting through post-divorce depression

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Divorce

Any Virginia resident who has gone through a marital breakup can attest to just how difficult the experience can be. Spouses marry with the intent of spending their lives together. When a sudden separation happens, a person can suffer through emotional and psychological turmoil, which can turn into depression. Even though depression following a divorce is very common, it is always challenging. Here are a few ways to recognize and get past depression following a divorce.

Divorce is obviously a stressful event to go through, so depression is not an unusual consequence. It may pass quickly or affect a person for a lifetime. However, if depression begins to have a negative impact on an individual’s function and day-to-day life, it needs to be addressed and treated. A few common symptoms of depression are loss of interest in hobbies and activities, irritability, fatigue, difficulty focusing or concentrating, and/or feelings of pessimism or hopelessness.

Overcoming post-divorce depression is no easy task, and there is no one-size-fits-all cure. Any person going through this should remind him or herself that this will not last forever. It takes time, but eventually the pain will subside. Writing thoughts and feelings down in a journal each day can be very helpful and a great stress reliever. It also helps to talk about these experiences with family or close friends.

The marriage and former life are now over, so do not dwell on the past. Look ahead to a brighter future and a new life. This can be a great time to start a new hobby or pursue new adventures. Any person in Virginia who has questions about divorce or is going through a separation could benefit by consulting an attorney experienced in family law.