How women can seek a fair outcome in their divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2022 | Divorce

The end of a marriage represents the possibility of significant financial change for a woman. Traditionally, women earn less than men, and women are more likely to make the decision to stay home with their children. This means that a Virginia wife facing the possibility of a divorce will benefit from careful financial planning as she seeks a strong post-divorce financial future. There are steps she can take that will be more likely to set her up for success. 

Helpful tips for divorcing women 

The terms of a final divorce order will impact a woman for years to come. Accordingly, it is critical to fight for a resolution that is reasonable and sustainable. Unfortunately, women often feel that they are at a disadvantage during divorce, and they may have to work diligently to defend their long-term interests. For a wife, a critical aspect of a fair agreement is the payment of alimony. 

The intent of alimony, or spousal support, is to provide the lesser-earning spouse with the support necessary to adjust to the economic impacts of a divorce. Alimony may be permanently awarded to a spouse, or a court may decide to award this support for a specific amount of time. While an out-of-court resolution may be possible, a wife may find it necessary to tenaciously defend her rights in court. 

Seeking knowledgeable guidance 

The stakes are high for a woman facing a divorce. She will benefit from seeking the knowledgeable guidance of an experienced divorce attorney who can provide insight regarding how she can seek the best possible outcome. With help, it is possible to secure terms that allow one to move forward confidently.