How to shield children from the impacts of divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2023 | Divorce

When parents decide to end their marriage, they understand that this decision can impact the youngest members of the family the most. Most parents want to make choices that will minimize the negative impact that their decision can have on their children, and they will work diligently to ensure that they have as much stability and security as possible. Virginia parents can take intentional steps that will allow them to protect their kids’ mental health during and after a divorce. 

Recognizing the needs of the children 

It is inevitable that divorce will impact the children, but it is possible to protect them from undue stress and strain. There is significant evidence that children benefit when allowed to maintain strong relationships with both kids after a divorce. In addition to a reasonable custody arrangement, the following steps can help parents protect the mental and emotional health of their kids: 

  • Talk to kids, and allow them to express their feelings. 
  • Consider family therapy. 
  • Establish boundaries to protect the kids. 

Virginia parents can also help their children by displaying emotional regulation. By displaying calm and avoiding damaging behaviors, parents may be able to help their kids navigate this difficult time. 

The long-term implications of divorce 

A divorce is a hard process for every member of the family. However, parents can be intentional about protecting their kids and providing as much stability as possible. With intentional actions and a focus on their needs, it is possible to secure custody and visitation terms that will make sense for years to come.