Prenups can apply to pets as well

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2023 | Prenuptial Agreements

When entering a marriage, most couples are not thinking about the things that could possibly go wrong in the future. While no one walks down the aisle assuming that the marriage will end someday, there are benefits to planning for that possibility. One way to do this is by drafting a prenuptial agreement, outlining how marital property will be split in case of a divorce. However, many couples are now drafting prenups that address pet ownership. 

What will happen to a pet after a divorce? 

Many Virginia couples view their pets as members of the family. A divorce can change many different things, and couples are sometimes at odds over which of them should keep the pet. However, having a prenuptial agreement that addresses this issue could be helpful. In addition to outlining the division of marital property and financial support, it can also spell out which spouse should keep the pet.  

A prenup may also address which spouse is primarily responsible for the needs of the pets. Spouses may agree that they should share financial responsibilities, or they may designate one of them as the primary provider. Each situation is different, and each Virginia couple can create a plan that works best for them. 

Thinking about the future 

It is not pleasant to think about the possibility of divorce before getting married, but it could be necessary. Prenups offer protection and peace of mind regarding financial issues during divorce, as well as pet ownership. With this type of contract in place, it can allow a couple to move forward with marriage with confidence.