How to move forward with the divorce process

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2023 | Divorce

For many, the start of a new year represents the possibility of making important decisions for one’s personal life. In some cases, this means taking the initial steps of the divorce process, a major choice many Virginia spouses delay until after the holiday season. Taking the first step is often intimidating and confusing, which is why it is helpful to learn as much as possible about how to move forward and what to do after deciding to divorce. 

A major legal and financial decision 

After deciding to divorce, it is easy to become overwhelmed with what happens next. There is no single way to approach divorce as every situation is different, but most divorce processes require the same basic steps. These include: 

  • Determine whether the divorce will be contested or uncontested. 
  • Choose the right representation and begin discussions about how to protect one’s interests. 
  • Be patient and do not make decisions based on temporary emotions. 
  • Begin financial preparations, starting by closing all joint accounts. 
  • Prepare and then file the appropriate paperwork. 

Regardless of whether the divorce order will be negotiated or litigation will be necessary, having experienced guidance at every step is critical. 

Seeking the best future after divorce 

Laying the foundation for one’s post-divorce future starts with the first step in the process. With much at stake, there is a significant benefit in having experienced guidance as one makes important decisions and faces the future. This help is critical for developing a sustainable and practical divorce order in a Virginia divorce.